Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Here I've put some light finishing touches upon an unused Brain Bolland INVISIBLES Sketch. (Nicked from the master's own weblog)

Thus finally answering the clarion call of Radio Free Barbelith!

I was entirely delighted by a 2012 re-reading of THE INVISIBLES, though found I hadn't much to say about it, but rather quite a bit to DO.

Particularly re-inspired by Morrison's parting remarks:
"I've shown you mine.  Now show me yours.
I anticipate fireworks."

And then further by a more recent sentiment:
"If I want something to look at, I draw it.  If I want music to listen to, I create it.  If I want something to read, I write it."


I met Grant Morrison briefly at a signing in Philadelphia in 2002.  I was 21, hungover, sleep deprived, and rather well in tune w/ the dune.  I'd brought a small collection of my comix to show him, which I clutched nervously.

I was trying to think of ways to communicate quickly and clearly that I was hip to the real shit.  My skepticism about the explanatory power of a few brief words, esp. in matters zen, led me to briefly entertain the harebrained notion that a hearty "THUMBS UP" might somehow be the ticket.  As the line shuffled forward I decided the more practical approach wd be to ask him if he read Robert Anton Wilson.

Along my way to the front of the line my shyness and introversion also changed my mind about showing him my comix.  Which suddenly seemed like a stupid and embarrassing thing to do.

Frank Quietly was at the signing too, parked right next to GM.  I got to him first and gave him a copy of Earth 2 to sign.  While exchanging pleasantries w/ FQ I heard someone say, "Did you make these?"

I look over and Grant Morrison is happily flipping through the comix I had decided not to give him!

Mind you, I was in a few altered states at the time, but my genuine experience was/is of having no clue when/how he got those comix.

He was indeed a reader of Robert Anton Wilson, brief encouragement for my work was offered, and off I went.

Though just as I was stumbling away I heard a booming voice call "Oi!"

I turn around and GM is beaming a huge grin and pointing at the hand lettered title block on one of the covers. (Which read: "SUBURBAN LEGEND COMIX: Sort of like Alan Moore before he stopped selling drugs and read all them books) Thence he gave me a hearty "THUMBS UP."

Hero worship is bullshit, but impetus is as good as gold, and so I offer my most sincere gratitude to the #blankbadge for helping me return to and begin my work again.

Having seen GM's, here's mine:

(I'd apologize for shameless self-promotion, but this is an entirely free comic, and I hope very much in the spirit of invisibility.)


New episodes every Monday and Wednesday morning.

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"It's too late in the day for literature.  This is magic!"
 – Bob Shea



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  1. Totally digging AGNOSIS!, Bobby, and reinvigorated by the challenge/clarion call.

    Read The Invisibles? Write The Invisibles!